Emotional Parenting and Role Models

Beyond nurturing and facilitating a life for our growing children, whatever ideas we may have on this, there is something else to consider. We may have planned a family, but it is worth remembering every child comes as a unique bundle of energy that does not belong to us, any more than we can say […]

Recovery from Fibromyalgia with Mickel Therapy

Hi Maria This is an attempt to put into writing how your help has changed my life .Excuse spelling and punctuations. I worked for 25years in the NHS as a painter and decorator, a very active job ,up and downstep ladders most days always on the go. Then at 51yrs old I began getting pins […]

How Mickel Therapy Works

Mickel Therapy Mickel Therapy is a new leading edge treatment for the conditions of : – M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Fibromyalgia – I.B.S. – Anxiety – Depression – Stress-related illness – All conditions which at their source have an emotional origin. The treatment is Mickel Therapy, and has been developed by […]

A Shift of Emphasis

Something has been bothering me for some time. Intuitively, I have always been drawn to the Christian Faith because of Jesus Christ, the man, and his teachings. He has always made sense to me, though how he may be portrayed, and his teachings presented, may not. What has been bothering me is where the emphasis […]