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It seems that in these days of uncertainty regarding how best to move forward in the NHS, sufferers of M.E / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other Auto Immune Dis-ease may well feel that their needs are not a priority, and as one client said to me recently:


“It’s an awful and terrifying thought that we have become lost in the NHS, no-one apparently knowing what to do with us”.


Who would have even considered such a thought would be expressed by a patient, in the powerful, scientifically materialistic, politically driven, professionally focused, medical model that we have given such value to in 21st Century Britain?


Not me, for sure.


I thought we were going from strength to strength in our approach to healthcare. We discovered stem cell research and bought into the idea that the Human Genome Project would provide us with “the answers”, namely that the answers to our ill-health must be “in our genes” – because Genetic Determinism must explain how we have come to be in this state of chronic ill-health.




The Human Genome Project did not provide us with information relating to that pesky part of our DNA we could alter in order to regain our health. Instead, it showed us how little value this research contributed in taking us any further in our knowledge in

this area.

In fact, what it revealed was that we had the same number of genes as a roundworm!



No, what is becoming clearer is that the answers lie in :




The Environment


That is, our own personal environment, relating specifically to Stress.


Stress that causes the “fight and flight” response, and then stays with us as though we were forever dealing with predators in our everyday experience.


Self-Help-Mate, incorporating the tools of Mickel Therapy, is able to help you identify what it is your unconscious self is seeing as the primary source of your stress, sending you into “fight or flight” mode, and keeping you there. I will be then be able to help you identify what is causing those symptoms of dis-ease, and facilitate you in making the best personal responses for you, in your environment. This is when well clients tell me that their symptoms are no longer produced.


Consider that (according to neuroscientists) the thinking brain – our pre-frontal lobes – contributes to only about 5% of our cognitive activity. This means that 95% of all we decide, feel and do is derived from the unobserved working of the subconscious mind. It is therefore easy to see why it is that psychotherapeutic techniques do not help us here. This has clear, and important, implications for health care – and, indeed, for what we are calling “health”.


So much emphasis is currently given to our scientifically materialistic , evidence-based, medical model, that the experience of well clients is not considered to be acceptable as part of the commissioning process for the NHS in the current climate.


Many sufferers are not even aware that my service, or that of Mickel Therapy, exists. The reasons for this are often said to be the need to protect vulnerable people from private practitioners . Whilst this is understandable, I would also ask you to consider other factors, including;


Power- who has the access to commissioning routes?


Political- Who has the authority to access this power? Based on what criteria?


Professionalism- who will be affected if the criteria change?


There are many more factors to consider in the reasons why sufferers are not able, in the present health care system, to be treated using Mickel Therapy techniques.


Rather than considering what a private practitioner stands to gain, let us ask what it is that practitioners, currently considered to be acceptable providers in the current system, have tolose ?


These are also part of the reason why a client said to me;


“It is an awful, terrifying thought, that we sufferers find ourselves lost in the present system of the NHS”.





The simple fact is, these concerns are not going away. The number of sufferers of Auto-Immune Disease in this country has risen to 250,000 and continues to rise, contributing significantly to the burden of cost of care to the tax payer. The NHS and Welfare System has to support an ever-increasing number of “Young Chronic Sick”, alongside the growing number of “Aging Sick”, and an expanding aging population.


Who is going to be left to foot the bill?


Isn’t it time we looked at the scientific materialist medical model again? It clearly isn’t able to work for us anymore with regard to the diseases of M.E / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia, Auto Immune Disease.


The problem is, it will take time for a new paradigm to be accepted in Medicine – as it will surely have to be – to treat these illnesses at a fraction of the cost of psychological services that do not offer a cure, and costly pharmaceuticals that at best will only manage or mask symptoms.


The fact is, the client is the answer for themselves. It is  their responses to, and from, their environment, that is the cause and cure for their illness, based on the new understandings of consciousness which are emerging (in areas such as quantum physics, for instance).


In the meantime, sufferers continue to suffer whilst the political arguments roll on, and more and more people will become the victims of their own stressful environments, at home, and at work. We are looking at disease on an epidemic scale if we don’t do somethingquickly.


I am able to help if you believe in my ability to facilitate the Mickel Therapy process for you, and have faith in yourself that you have the answers for you.



Make sense?



If so, please see the testimonials regarding my practice on this website and see the benefit that others are willing to share as to their own recovery.


Please also see the Press Releases page for further well client testimony.


If what you have read here , and on the testimonials pages, make sense to you then I will be delighted to hear from you.



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Let’s work together to get you well, and back to being the best expression of yourself that you can be.


Health may be just around the corner, why wait?


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