Recovery from Fibromyalgia with Mickel Therapy

Hi Maria
This is an attempt to put into writing how your help has changed my life .Excuse spelling and punctuations.
I worked for 25years in the NHS as a painter and decorator, a very active job ,up and downstep ladders most days always on the go.
Then at 51yrs old I began getting pins and needles in my hands and feet.One dayIcould not climb the step ladders thats when I knew something was very wrong,I had to go off sickAt the time my illness was little known and I got no help at all other than painkillers I was constantly looking for answers but realized I was getting worse not better.
After 6 months one GP diagnosed Fibromyalgia.No one knew much about the illness .The DHSS didnt recognise the illness so I got no Incapacity Benefit and was without income for almost a year which added to the worry.We had to move house to get rid of the mortgage and all the while I felt really ill at one point I was sure I’d end up in a wheelchair.
After 14 years of painkillers Amytriptiline.Tramadol.Fluoxadine Procaine infusions HydrotherepyI still spentmost days in bed with the Cronic fatigue.Little things like using hand towels after a shower because Bath towels were to heavy was just one of things I had to do.We had very little quality time as a family as I couldnt do the normal things family do together and take for granted, life was passing us by.
We even sort self help trying numerous diets excluding yeast dairy detoxing looking into amalgam fillings.Chinese massage and herbal remedies Acapunture you name it I tried it without any improvement all .
My health was deterriorating.I would kneel on the floor with my head on the seat of an armchair for some relief for my feet I felt sore all over.Then I was searching the internet one day looking for Cronic Fatigue as usual when I came across Mickle Therepy,after looking at the video and reading the information I realized for the 1st time this made sense.I decided to find out more and eventually made an appointment with Maria Whitley .
After 2 hours I felt as though I had been speaking to a close friend I drove home in a bit of a daze,thenthings started to fall into place in my mind and my body.After 4 separate appointments over 6 weeksI still find it hard to believe the change in me !
I’m calm feel lighter and unbelievabley painfree
I have got my old life back Walking the dogs,playing golf twice a week done all the jobs around the house.My family
have supported me throughout my illness and know me better than anyone ,they say they have got the old me back
Its been a life changing experience .
When I think of all those suffering who dont know about Self-Help-Mate it is so frustrating and at every opportunity
I will be passing on all my experiences to all the Medical professions that will listen.