A Shift of Emphasis

Something has been bothering me for some time.

Intuitively, I have always been drawn to the Christian Faith because of Jesus Christ, the man, and his teachings. He has always made sense to me, though how he may be portrayed, and his teachings presented, may not.

What has been bothering me is where the emphasis lies in what Jesus says and does in the Gospels.

There is so much focus on worship of Jesus for having “saved” us, and we are to be grateful for this, so we worship him. I see that, but is that what Jesus intended ? Isn’t what he intended, by his suffering on the cross, identification with us? Identification with our sufferings which he was only too aware of in 1st century living….. and are things so different from now? When he said to the women who were weeping on his journey to the crucifixion;

” Don’t weep for me, weep for your children”

Wasn’t he really saying:
Look around you, what do you see, corruption, power, politics, status, fear of loss of these things, this is what has driven the thinking of men to bring me here to you , exactly as you see me here in front of you today. I am leaving this state of affairs for something transcendent, where the thinking of men carries no weight. You however, have children to bring up , subject to what is going on around you, I am here like this today, so that you will remember, I am identifying with you, I know your concerns, I am feeling your pain, I am experiencing your distress, I see your fear for the future, I understand what drives you and what you really desire. I do this so that you will remember you are not alone in a cruel place that exists only in the minds of men. The world is a beautiful place intended for abundant life, not this impoverished state of affairs. I ask of you that you go on to show your children by your love of life, of which they are part, how to create the world they dream of from their hearts, out of their own free will, not their controlled thinking, manipulated by others, fearful of the thinking of others. I am seeking relationship with you here today, not your veneration. I am in love with all created beings, howsoever they choose to see me, I shall not abandon any one of you. Your weeping is demonstrative of your feelings.You shall know me by how you are feeling, it is your truth. Use your truth to guide you wisely in making decisions that will enable love to be experienced, first by you, then expressed as loving action in your environment. When you experience loss, understand that there has been no loss, only transcendance. When you experience failure, understand that there has been no failure, only useful information as to what to do next when you listen to your heart, and the recognition that this applies to others as well as to yourself. When you listen to your heart, you will experience emotion. This is your truth, however uncomfortable, and is intended for your higher good and wellbeing, which is always what love seeks. You can trust yourself when you act from the heart first, then use your thinking to inform your action. This is what love asks of you , to love yourself by empowering yourself, love one another by empowering one another, and be loved, by others, who will not be able to resist you.