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The Truth about E-motions

Mickel Therapy takes a very distinctive view of e-motions which may be very different from what other schools of thought propagate.

Mickel Therapy works from the premise that e-motions are the result of a complex physiological process that takes place within the body.E-motions arise spontaneously, independently of thinking, and have an immediate physical effect on our cells.Because of their physical nature they are able to disrupt the functioning of cells and lead to physical conditions if they become trapped in the cells. Working with these true e-motions is the major key to healing many conditions and syndromes.

In explaining how e-motion arises, the Mickel Therapy model suggests that, in concurrence with quantum theory, everything is simply energy vibrating, constantly moving, constantly shifting, constantly affecting everything around it.When a person is in a particular environment there is an energy that makes up that environment, and that energy will influence the individual.

This influence will be a transfer of energy from the environment to the individual.When this happens the cells of the body are affected and this results in the production of e-motion in the body – primary e-motion.This is generated independently of thinking or conscious intervention. We’ve all had the experience of being at a party or a sporting event, or contrastingly at a funeral or somewhere where people are arguing or fighting.Even without direct involvement we can recognise that we feel very different in these environments – they all have a very different energy and this energy affects us.

So we could argue that because energy is constantly moving, there is a constant transfer and our bodies are responding by constantly producing primary e-motions – all be it that they can be very small in many cases.Because everyone is ‘wired’ in a slightly different way, the primary e-motions experienced in each individual varies. Consequently the effect on the mid-brain structures and hypothalamus produces different degrees of physiological effects. This probably accounts for the spectrum of varied severity of conditions such as CFS/M.E and Fibromyalgia.

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