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Teilhard de Chardin

Pierre Tielhard de Chardin 1881-1955

Tielhard de Chardin was a Scientist, Biologist, Palaentologist, Theologian, Author, and a Jesuit Priest. “The Phenomenon of Man” was his most famous book.

“…his views have forced Theologians to view their ideas in the new perspective of evolution, and scientists to see the spiritual implications of their knowledge. He has both clarified and unified our vision of reality…”

Sir Julian Huxley

With an in depth knowledge of the “New Physics”, (Quantum Physics) and of the evolution of “Man”, to date, in the early 20th Century, Chardin proposed a theory by which human spiritual (emotional) development, is moved by the same natural laws as material development (matter ), thus , our bodies evolve in line with our spiritual (emotional ) selves.

Another way to see this is to realize the power that we give ourselves when we value the notion of enjoying a more loving (of ourselves) creative life in line with our intuition/emotions, beyond ego, and the thinking of others, and have faith in our own operative power to meet challenge and to transcend difficulty, giving our own true selves priority in the process.

Only then can we say that we are believing in our own selves as completely individualized ,free centres of operation, not suppressing emotion, but acting on a personal faith in response to

the message of the emotions we are experiencing, and choosing to move from a personal unconscious symptomatic state, to the personal conscious state of being, whereupon we will experience an optimum state of renewed health and sense of wellbeing.

This is true for us if we believe it, not true if we don’t. At all times we have free will to make our own individual choices in line with the emotions we are experiencing, which will inform our self loving/spiritual and therefore physical evolution.

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