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Healing Retreats

Minsteracres Retreat Centre

County Durham.


  • Are you seeking health and wholeness in a peaceful and inspiring setting?
  • Are you looking for some time out and reflection?
  • Are you seeking an individually guided healing retreat?
  • Are you seeking the peace that can only come from within one’s own heart?

Minsteracres Retreat Centre provides a space where people are welcomed to be themselves, facilitated in their own healing, and to rediscover the wholeness that can only come from within, enabling us to be at peace in our bodies, in our relationships with others, and in creation. Healing is an Empowerment Process delivered by Maria Whiteley. Maria will deliver this process by facilitating a person in the use of their own intuition that is, their own power, by which they are enabled to heal, and to make progress in life. The therapy consists in the delivery of a series of “tools” which a person is able to use post retreat in their daily lives and in all situations. During the retreat, Maria will guide the individual on a one to one basis on the use of the tools, and help them to reflect on how it is possible for them to be the best expression of themselves that they can be.



  • Who may consider attending  such a Retreat?
  • Those who experience uneasy feelings that are hard to explain.
  • Those who feel guilty
  • Those seeking validation of their self worth.
  • Those who experience difficulty in engaging with the Modern world.
  • Those who are experiencing difficulty in “letting go” of the past.
  • Those who fear the future.
  • Those who are seeking to understand the value of their role in life.
  • Those who are afraid of showing their vulnerability.
  • Those who are ready to embrace a more fulfilled life.
  • Those who are ready to share their feelings and have a desire to transcend a particular difficulty.

There may be some people who experience non-specific physical symptoms such as overwhelming tiredness or pain. Some people may have received a diagnosis from a medical practitioner and have been told to accept that they will not “be cured”, such as those who have been told that they have:

  • M.E. – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
  • C.F.S – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • I.B.S – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Diagnosis of Autoimmune Disease


This retreat is for those who wish to find  release from their symptoms in a relaxed, uplifting and spiritually aware atmosphere. The retreatants will benefit to the extent that they bring their intention to the use of the tools of therapy – Healing Therapy. As facilitator of the retreat, I am only able to guide the steps of the retreatant. As individuals, the retreatants are required to be prepared to take responsibility for the effectiveness of the treatment themselves, i.e  accept that personal responsibility is where the balance of power lies for an individual. Some psychological conditions too are able to be treated, such as Anxiety, Depression and other conditions which arise from an emotional origin.



If  what is being said here resonates with your experience, if you feel that a Healing Retreat  would be of benefit to you, then please contact Maria

Contact information found below


Total cost of therapy and retreat : £600

To include:

  • “The Long Awaited Cure”    by Dr David Mickel MBCHB MRCGP sent to retreatant prior to commencement of retreat.
  • Follow up support  post retreat at The Avery Clinic in Medomsley, nr Consett,  County Durham up to 3 months post retreat.
  • 3 nights stay at Minsteracres Retreat centre on full board basis

Please return to this page for information regarding retreats.



" If you know of anyone who may benefit from One to One Therapy based on my Mickeltherapy practice, then please either email or call Maria who will be happy to discuss your requirements with you."


P. 07760257079

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