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Caring, competent, skilled and knowledgeable practitioner

For nine months I suffered with stress and anxiety which culminated in the physical symptom of chest pains.

An ECG was normal and the pains were diagnosed as being caused by Acid reflux.

I realise I had to address the situation and seek help.

I had four; weekly consultations with Maria and am now fit and well. No more stress of anxiety.

I now know how to deal with any situation that arises having been shown how to do this by Maria.

Maria is a caring, competent, skilled and knowledgeable practitioner.

I am very pleased I have had the pleasure in meeting and being helped by her.

.K.  Chester-Le Street


We have the power to choose

Self Worth Knowing

Maria’s own emotional journey demonstrates the value of our own power in the choices we make. We have the power to choose to transcend difficulty… or not. Either way, our choices are honoured. Be careful what you choose.

Dr David Mickel, MBChB MRCGP
Kyle Davies BSc MPhil CPsychology


I began to feel the difference straight away

I am a businessman, running several businesses, and have been experiencing symptoms of general ill health for some time. In particular I have experienced nausea, bloating, and abdominal cramps after eating. Sometimes I would need to lie down on the floor to feel some ease from the symptoms of discomfort. I felt a loss in energy, there was “no go” in me and my weight was creeping up.

Quite often I experienced diarrhoea, sometimes needing to find a toilet immediately when I experienced an uncomfortable sensation , quite often a painful sensation in my bowel.

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Allows the reader to explore the existence

Self Worth Knowing

“Within this book Maria allows the reader to explore the existence of their own early maladaptive beliefs and their continued maintenance and...Their own acceptance of such behaviour. By such exploration the reader cannot help but embark upon a journey towards self-validation and ultimately increased self-worth.”

Charlie Parker, BA (Hons), PGCE, BSC (Hons), CBT BABCP


Wonderfully gifted and warm healer

"Maria is a wonderfully gifted and warm healer. She possess the right combination of skills and innate intuitive ability that enable her to tune into her clients and facilitate a shift towards health and happiness. Maria is very open, approachable, supportive and caring and all these attributes make her a pleasure to work with."

Kyle Davies; Principal at Metaphysical Health.


Seeking some insight

Self Worth Knowing

“This book could be a help to those who are seeking some insight into life and its difficulties and are looking for better ways of managing.”

Kevin Daly, Co-Director, The Road Centre (provider of counselling and training), Chester-Le-Street, Co. Durham


A pleasure to read

Self Worth Knowing

“All very wise and a pleasure to read.”

Helen Finch, Marketing Manager, MIND


I am now living an active life

“I developed M.E when I was 3 years old and suffered for a long 14 years before Mickel Therapy helped me to recover.

During the time I was ill, I ranged from almost being a “normal” little girl, to being bed bound, and loosing literally months of my life.
I had experienced every symptom going, and with it every treatment from eating silt/mud, to cutting off all my hair.

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Many people could benefit from this book

Self Worth Knowing

“The style in which the book is written is interesting and made me want to read on. It is easy to dip into and would help people to realise that feelings are held commonly. I think that many people could benefit from this book as a form of self help.”

Alison Gray-McClelland, Director of Staff Development and Well-being, St. Joseph’s RC Comprehensive School, Tyne & Wear


Raises questions and provokes thoughts

Self Worth Knowing

“Maria’s book raises questions and provokes thoughts which you can relate to events in your life. One such thought is the realisation that we can do our best but we can’t please everyone. This realisation can give you strength to move forward in your chosen goals in life.”

Bernadette Topham, Delivery Manager, Derwentside Employment Team.


I am LIVING life, not just existing.

“I had had C.F.S. for 7 years and was only getting worse. When Maria told us about Mickel Therapy and when I learned how it works, it made complete sense to me and I couldn’t wait to begin my sessions. I got to the root of the problem, and after only 5 sessions I was like a different person. Now I year later, I am LIVING life, not just existing.

West Yorkshire
Wife & Mum


Peaceful and empowering

“I really enjoyed reading this book. The style is effective and more powerful than blocks of text. I found it peaceful and empowering calm and wise”.

Susannah Pulham BA (Hons)


What has made the difference, I say Mickel Therapy!

“I had some terrible physical symptoms and was feeling out of control in my body and in my personal life as a whole. After working with Maria for 4 sessions in Mickel Therapy, not only do I feel that she has saved my life, but also my marriage as well. When people ask me now, what has made the difference, I say Mickel Therapy!”

Wife & Mum


My life has started to approach being ‘back on track’

Mickel Therapy learnt me a much more positive way to deal with life. At times it has been hard to put into practice but I noticed the more I tried with it the better I get at it and consequently the more effective it is. Since starting Mickel Therapy my life has started to approach being ‘back on track’ a lot faster. It’s very important to listen to your gut feeling/soul/spirit whatever you want to call it.

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It's been a life changing experience

Hi Maria

This is an attempt to put into writing how your help has changed my life. Excuse spelling and punctuations.

I worked for 25years in the NHS as a painter and decorator, a very active job ,up and down step ladders most days always on the go.

Then at 51yrs old I began getting pins and needles in my hands and feet.One day I could not climb the step ladders that's when I knew something was very wrong, I had to go off sick. At the time my illness was little known and I got no help at all other than painkillers I was constantly looking for answers but realized I was getting worse not better.

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Self acceptance and personal growth

Self Worth Knowing

“Whilst I have been working as a Clinical Psychologist over the past 20 years, there has been a gradual realisation and acceptance within our society as a whole that our emotional selves are not something to shy away from in fear, dismiss as unimportant or worse still ignore.

At an individual level the first step on a journey of self acceptance and personal growth can be knowing where to start.

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Self Worth Knowing

This endorsement is intended for information purposes only and does not represent the views of the NHS or employing organisation. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure its accuracy no guarantee can be given that the information is free from error or omission. This endorsement does not mean to give an impression that human distress or more serious problems such as depression, social anxiety, bipolar disorder or any other mental illness can be treated by reading the material. The diagnosis and treatment of such problems as clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or any other mental illness requires the attention of a physician or other properly qualified mental health professional. If you are seeking diagnosis or treatment of any other mental illness or an understanding of a sense of mental unwellness or interpersonal difficulties, you should consult a physician or mental health professional. This endorsement is NOT a substitute for proper diagnosis, treatment or the provision of advice by an appropriate health professional.


Witness to the authors own personal journey

“This book bears witness to the authors own personal journey and will certainly help others on a similar path”

Denise Robertson M.B.E (“This Morning” Agony Aunt)


Comfort and Support

Self Worth Knowing

“I love this book. It gives me permission to feel just as i do in this present moment, and to be comfortable with myself, whatever the concerns are in my life. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a little comfort and support....right now.”

Sarah Simpson Lead Nurse Renal Unit
St. James’s University Teaching Hospital


Valuable aid to understanding out emotional health

Maria’s book Own Two Feet, is a valuable aid to understanding out emotional health when we are young and trying to make sense of an unpredictable world. When we realise our feelings are meant to be listened to and acted upon i.e. acting on our intuition, we realise our power in all the situations we may encounter in our personal relationships, and in engaging with the world of work and wider community.

Dr David Mickel, MBChB MRCGP
Kyle Davies BSc MPhil CPsychology


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