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Children and Young People

Sometimes children are confused by their feelings and what is going on in the circumstances of their lives.

It is not easy for a young child to make sense of the world, not to be able to express themselves, given the emotional change that may be going on around them in;

  • Family life
  • With siblings
  • Their peers
  • The expectations of having to meet with social norms and having to integrate into school life.

Young people too are often confused as they experience different feelings coming into adulthood. These are affected by:

  • Family dynamics/ The prevailing culture
  • Bereavement/ loss
  • Changes in circumstances
  • The education system
  • Risk taking behaviour
  • The desire to be accepted within a multicultural system
  • Peer pressure
  • Being able to function financially
  • Relationships/ sexual experience
  • Being able to express themselves creatively and safely
  • Seeking distraction.

It is imperative now more than ever that we empower our children and young people in self belief. That in a fast moving, ever changing world they are able to hold on to their best asset…their authentic selves.

The “tools” of Healing Therapy will empower our children and young people, with family support, to trust in their own intuition in order that they see the best ways forward for themselves in order to take responsibility for their own actions, and to decide for themselves which actions will evolve them holistically, in order that they access their lovableness, individuality, and own unique creative power in the world.


  • Treatment can only work when the client makes their own free choice to within the “tools” of Healing Therapy.

" If you know of anyone who may benefit from One to One Therapy based on my Mickeltherapy practice, then please either email or call Maria who will be happy to discuss your requirements with you."


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