That Loving Feeling: How are you feeling today?

Do you desire healing?


See if what is written here resonates with you, how to do this. Be aware of how you are feeling as you read this, and be gentle with yourself. This is powerful healing.


First of all :


Release all thinking continuously going around in your head, including how you think others see you, or your situation in life. Release any preconceived ideas you have about yourself, and thoughts of others, who are, or who have been, part of your “world”. Release the need for people and situations to be a certain way. By doing this you will immediately open up a new platform from where to live your life, from which all possibilities are open to you….if you choose to see it that way, if you feel you are worth changing your thinking for.


Allow feeling to emerge from deep inside, your “gut feelings”, intuition, heartfelt desires. Feel your truth, not what you had previously “thought” was your truth, or have been told is your truth.


All anger, frustration , grief, joy, experienced as physical, or emotional pain, or happiness, is simply useful information relating to our experience in the present. It is wise not to suppress these feelings as they are present to inform our healthy decision making concerning “our world”, here and now.


It is desirable that we love ourselves (informed by our feelings, NOT our thinking) first,  before we give any loving energy away to others, or to keeping situations as they are, which is not in our own healthy, nurturing, self loving interests, in a changing, creative and therefore unpredictable world.


Love is the universal base energy for all life, and therefore the most powerful creative force in the universe …..if we choose to see it that way…


It facilitates the ongoing process we call life, as it always was, is now in our present, and always will be, just as all energy comes into form, changes form, and goes beyond present form, as history shows us.



You are able now to facilitate yourself, in giving expression, lovingly, to the truth you discover about yourself in your present emotional “form”, : tears, laughter, sighs, gentle relaxed relief, smile, howsoever your own “loving feeling” shows you.


There is no need to judge yourself, only to discern yourself, honestly and constructively, and to let go of pain, by taking personal responsibility for our own self “loving feeling”, before all else.


You are now able to empower yourself, by standing in your own truth, and share your truth with others when you feel comfortable with this.

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